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a_ku offers lectures, seminars and tutorials to bachelor students providing knowledge on history and theory of ar­chitecture and design. Different topics each semester relate to four general topics: Wingspans of Modernity,  Design Methodology,  Architectural Concepts and Media, Design and Aesthetics 

Graduate students wishing to pursue their own research and projective studies, to enhance scientific skills and gain new insights are provided with support to their individual master's theses and are offered advanced courses relating to three general topics:  Theory of Contemporary Architecture,  Design Theories,  Urban Architecture,  Reflexive Design,  On Tour

Summer 2022

Design methodology 2022 Design methodology 2022 Design methodology 2022

Design Methodology: Architecture and Landscape

The course focuses on architecture as composition and designing as a continuously developing process that also extends beyond the single project. Design components, modes of action and case studies are presented, analyzed and applied along thematically structured short exercises and accompanying lectures. In this way, cultural-contextual knowledge and design variations have a foundational and transferable effect for individually specific, integrative and reflected design activities. 

Lecture, exercise | B.Sc. architecture | Mondays 14-17h | Start: Mon. 11.4.2022, 14h, C050

on what we build 2022 on what we build 2022 on what we build 2022

on what we build

While architecture and landscape can be physically experienced, their foundation - 'what we build on' - exceeds the materially tangible. It describes perceptions, views, values, and goals that may be given in design attitudes and often subconsciously accompany design thinking and creation. One of the aims of the course is to address, question and develop these basic attitudes that precede and are inherent in design and their influences on architecture and landscape architecture. In the one-week workshop of the Summer Academy, the possibility will be opened to think about options with which alternative developments and positions can be generated, created and strengthened in architecture and landscape architecture. Through reading, reflection and discussion, analytical and methodological competences as well as argumentation skills are promoted.

Workshop | M.Sc.+B.Sc. architecture/urban design, M.Sc.+B.Sc. landscape architecture | Tuesdays, 17.4., 14.6., 12.7. | workshop 25.-29.7.2022 | Start: Tue. 19.4.2022, 10h, C114

Urban Architecture Lisbon 2022 Urban Architecture Lisbon 2022 Urban Architecture Lisbon 2022

Urban Architecture Lisbon

Overshadowed by other major European cities, Lisbon has recently developed into a lively, intercultural metropolis. In the local architectural scene, an urban rethinking can be felt; both in terms of the preservation and reinterpretation of the architectural heritage, the reclamation of landscape references, and with regard to the significance of the center as the community heart of a city and its citizens. But which identity-forming spaces and places can develop through the interplay of architecture and open space in urban structures? What characterizes urban architecture? Taking the Portuguese capital as an example, guiding principles, positions and projects are examined in their various facets and discussed comparatively in terms of their transferability and future viability. The examination of the various urban strategies and design concepts of contemporary architecture firms will include research and design components.

Seminar | B.Sc. architecture | Mondays, 17-20h + block seminar 30.5.-1.6.2022 + excursion 19.-22.5.2022 | Start: Mon. 25.4.2022, 17h, B063

Reflexive Design: Repertoire 2022 Reflexive Design: Repertoire 2022 Reflexive Design: Repertoire 2022


In the dynamic processes of design, potentials for the mastery of tasks melt together with the specific conditions of the project. Personal inquiry and individual archives, capabilities and knowledge horizons do not only give a fresh impetus to design, they have also a stabilizing and simplifying effect. They form a generic factor for creative developments of different solutions. Revolving around the thematic field `Repertoire´ different kinds of explicit and tacit knowledge and alternative design models in the field of architecture and urban design will be scrutinized and developed. Both a systematic and an open approach form the specific character of this project, which is conducted by individual research questions. Goals may include e.g. to consider the relevance of theories and works of models (persons, ideas or courses of action), to look for links to and inventories of images, texts or material objects and sites or techniques(as reference to nature or science I works of art and architecture I cities, landscapes or the everyday I specific drawing, photography or creative writing forms) as well as to scrutinize concepts for current tasks and developments of architecture and urban design (as density I habitat I alteration). The output should present diverse potentials and be reported by writing and other media (research portfolio with text I visualization). Students will have the opportunity to strengthen their design attitude and composition skills as well as to improve their scientific competences.

Free project long | M.Sc. architecture and urban design | Tuesdays, biweekly, 13-17h | Start: Tue. 12.4.2022, 13h | B063 + online

On Tour 2022 On Tour 2022 On Tour 2022

On tour

The free project offers students the opportunity to reflect on and further explore newly acquired architectural knowledge, questions or methods on the basis of a freely chosen topic. The output should point out special features and potentials of the topic for the architectural design and development of our environment. The process of experience and reflection is documented in writing and/or across media in a scientific-systematic form. Thematic structuring, structure and development paths are individually supervised. The project work can be used to develop a deeper understanding of the conception, implementation, argumentation and communication of architectural designs, exhibition projects or written and media research work.

Free short project | M.Sc. architecture and urban design | Tuesdays, biweekly, 13–17h | Start: Tue. 12.4.2022, 13h | B063 + online

Excursion Lisbon 2022 Excursion Lisbon 2022 Excursion Lisbon 2022

Excursion: Lisbon Urbanities

Spatially, Europe's gateway to the Atlantic reads like a collage of the most diverse urban concepts and informal developments of the past centuries: from the Arabic-like maze of alleys, to Hippodamian grid patterns and garden city theories, to completely contourless peripheral spaces. Within the framework of the four-day excursion, Lisbon is to be questioned beyond these historical traces in its present urban qualities. Using the example of contemporary architecture, infrastructures and urban spaces, we will discuss whether and in which manifestations urbanity can currently be experienced and concretized in Lisbon. Between projects of Portuguese old masters and the visions of a young generation of Lisbon architects, it will be shown, among other things, how the local is rediscovered and reinterpreted in order to reactivate specificity and urban qualities.

Excursion | 5th semester B.Sc. onwards | 19.-22.5.2022 | Preparation meetings: 25.4. + 16.5.2022, 17h, B063