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Current doctorates

Steffen Bösenberg, Hamburg
Plasticity: Architectural quality and strategy
in urban industrial and infrastructural conversion

Valerie Hoberg, Bremen
Art in Architecture.
Eduardo Chillida and Aires Mateus, Ensamble Studio, Smiljan Radic

Julian Benny Hung, Hamburg
Spatial narrations. 
Film and architecture

Susan Jebrini, Hannover
On a holistic perception of space.
Space and music in the 20th century

Julius Krüger, Hannover
Architecture and the essential.
On collaborative processes and the Good Life in architecture

Moritz Othmer, Hannover
Knowledge tools for urban spaces.
The example of the Düsseldorf Media Harbour

Hannah Schüttke, Hannover
Campus Hanover.
Transformation as future perspective for post-war Modernism

Haluk Ulusan, Istanbul
Urbanizing housing in global Istanbul 

Antonia Umland, Lüneburg
When architects travel.
The relevance of travelling for architectural research and teaching

Sarah Wehmeyer, Münster
The collage as practice in research design

Caendia Wijnbelt, Hannover
Sketching mindscapes.
Place and reflexivity in architectural design