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Design research

Shaping Design

Media of Architectural Conception

Editor: Margitta Buchert
ISBN 978-3-86859-662-5 

How do the everyday media of architectural conception affect our thinking and acting? How can we shape our design and research activities with these media in a targeted way and thereby generate and communicate spatial qualities as well as architecture-specific knowledge?

The new a_ku publication Shaping Design presents a wide range of creative design documents from architectural practice. Following the processes from analysis to final design, these manifestations form continuities. In many cases, the tools, ways of thinking, and approaches used are deeply interrelated. Overarching features, as well as the specific characteristics of individual instruments and methods of interaction, are introduced and exemplified. In doing so, the authors explore the potentials of hand drawing, language, geometry-based representation, model, diagram, mapping, photography, collage, and tableau for investigative creative analysis, as well as for generating, evolving, and transmitting design and knowledge. With their contributions, Steffen Bösenberg, Valerie Hoberg, Julian Benny Hung, Moritz Othmer, Sarah Wehmeyer and Margitta Buchert enable the reader to gain new perspectives on (not) everyday media of architectural creation.

Shaping Design expands the a_ku publication series on the topic of Reflexive Design and proves to be an inspiring dialogue partner to the book Simply Design. All publications are published by jovis, Berlin.

Published 2020 by jovis, Berlin.

Simply Design

Ways of shaping architecture

Editors: Margitta Buchert, Laura Kienbaum
ISBN 978-3-86859-222-1

Simply Design approaches design from the point of view of architectural theory, clarifying the relevance of design elements and providing a reference framework for them. It proposes a methodological approach that focuses on the design process, group-ing a range of architectural design concepts, strategies, and methods into five approach-es. The subjects of creating placeprogrammingforming + joiningchoreographing, and stagingare presented as an open and non-hierarchical system, based on examples of architectural projects. This book explains concepts and ideas, describes design methods, and illuminates their complex interrelation, in order to extract transferable design approaches, open up ideas, and provide inspiration. This key publication is targeted towards architects, students, and those interested in the theory and practice of architecture.

With contributions from Margitta Buchert, Verena Brehm, Felix Hoepner and Laura Kienbaum.

Published 2013 by jovis, Berlin.