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Architecture city landscape

Landscape-ness as Architectural Idea

Margitta Buchert
ISBN 978-3-86859-695-3

The concept of landscape-ness is gaining increasing importance in architecture not least due to the rising threat of climate change. Based on international examples, Margitta Buchert analyses the potential of architecture for dealing with contemporary challenges, including socio-cultural transformations and questions of lifeworld orientations within the tensions of global networking and local exposure — between natural space and urban space. Which architectural understandings and characteristics flow into architecture and urban projects by introducing the concept of landscape-ness? Which spatial articulating qualities are emphasized? And what sensibilities and capacities are enriched? Dimensions of landscape as nature, however, shaped and reshaped by humans, are in focus, as well as the connection between aesthetics, architecture, ecology, and the city.

Published 2022 by jovis, Berlin.